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About Us

A Brief History of Portage United Methodist Church


1866 - 1899

1898 - 1962

A society of Methodists in Portage was established before or around 1854 - the first quarterly conference record for Portage City Mission on December 16, 1854.

Its first church building, called First Methodist Church, was built in 1866 and used until 1899.

Its second church building was build in 1898 and used until 1962.


1962 - Present

First Methodist Church and Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church in Portage were merged into Portage United Methodist. 

The cornerstone of our current church building on

1804 New Pinery Rd was laid in 1962.

United Methodist Church's Statement of Faith

The Church is the eternal community of God's own people who, through faith in Christ, meet regularly for worship and communion, to share spiritually and materially.

The Church, through diverse, is of one spirit - eager to learn of God's plan for every person and the world, respecting all of God's creation and the idea that each person is a unique and necessary part of Christ's body.

The Church loves God by striving to actively and unselfishly love humankind.

Our Mission at Portage United Methodist Church

Preamble: We, as members of the Portage United Methodist Church, have received God's love and blessing through Jesus Christ's saving grace.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide the environment in which disciples of Jesus Christ can grow and flourish. Our spiritual environment will include: 

  • Expressions of Invitation and Welcome 

  • Opportunities for Education

  • Plans for Participation

Our Staff

KwangYu (1).jpg
KwangYu Lee
SKuhl (1).jpg
Shar Khul

Administrative Secretary

Chris Hurd.jpg
Chris Hurd


Rich Jacobson (2).jpg
Rich Jacobson




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